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"Working out with Stephanie renews your enthusiasm in fitness, health, and life in general!  Her energetic and positive outlook rubs off and keeps you motivated and focused on your personal fitness goals.  She is extremely knowledgeable, on the cutting edge of fitness training and nutrition, and always looking for ways to enhance your workout experience and results.  She attracts people to her because of her genuine enthusiasm and commitment to health and fitness and to helping you reach your full potential.  After having trained with several other personal trainers in the past, I can say without a doubt that Stephanie is the absolute BEST!!"       
-Lori Lewis Chew

"I first met Stephanie at Total Woman Gym in Irvine. She was the instructor for a group fitness class held on Fridays that was so popular that it was always filled up and after I started taking her class on a regular basis, I discovered why. Stephanie's approach to teaching is unique in the way she works your body out AND gives you so much worthwhile information on nutrition and many other helpful suggestions while doing so. For example, she suggested having a bottle of peppermint essential oil at hand and using the scent to energize your body while working out. I still keep a bottle of it in my gym bag to this day because it really does work. She shares her expertise in her field with such an innate kindness that she makes you feel like you can truly achieve your goals. I have also been fortunate enough to have Stephanie train me personally at my home. She first assessed my strengths and then
 created a plan to boost my fitness level along with diet and nutrition advice. Through working with Stephanie, I gained better balance, muscle strength, and endurance. I highly recommend her if you want results and enjoy being around a positive individual with a great attitude."
-Jan Fair Schmit, Interior Designer 

"Stephanie has provided me with the gentle but enthusiastic kick in the pants that I have needed to break through the weight loss/muscle toning plateau I have been on for several years.  She shares her extensive and ever expanding knowledge freely both during workouts and in her informative emails. She is sensitive to my limitations due to previous injuries and works with me to heal and gain strength where I need it most.  Since I have been working out with Stephanie, I have lost pounds and inches, feel stronger and healthier and couldn't be happier about it!  Thanks Stephanie!"
-Laurie Lane

 "Stephanie got me working out again!  My workouts usually consisted of reading a book on the treadmill but when I attended one of Stephanie's classes it all changed.  Her classes are fun, fast paced, motivating, and you BURN calories.  Stephanie takes a personal interest in her clients and creates a workout that maximizes the most out of the time you are there and you actually enjoy it!  She has a ton of knowledge about exercise and nutrition that she's always passes on to her clients.  When you workout with Stephanie, you leave feeling accomplished and motivated." 

-Deborah Kennard

"I have  had Fibromyalgia and OsteoArthritis for about 15 years now and Stephanie has helped me slowly get stronger and through the AIS stretches I can alleviate some pain, which is wonderful!

Stephanie is so positive and  knowledgeable about the human body. She's taught me how to improve my diet and she always gave me encouragement and made me laugh..always!

Because of the many sessions and conversations I had with Stephanie over the years, I am better equipped to manage the Fibromyalgia and OsteoArthritis!!
I recommend Stephanie to anyone that wants to get stronger and healthier and have fun doing it!!

Thank you Stephanie for changing my life for the better!!"
-Jeannie Pascuzzi

"Whenever Steph is in Indiana I always look forward to her AIS ( Ative Isolated Stretching)  and
balance work. I always feel a couple of inches taller and know my posture
has improved. She mixes just the right amount of exercises, stretches and
nutritional advise into her sessions.  At age 66 , I am feeling great !"
-Jim Dalton

"Steph has been my personal trainer for 5 years. I needed to build strength and flexibility but I had many injuries - neck problems, shoulder problems, carpal tunnel, even some lower back issues.  So when I would exercise, I was always hesitant. She is so knowledgeable about how the body works and has taken lots of training classes that she has helped me to build and strengthen  where I needed it.  She gives so much in a session - nutritional advice, teaching me about how my body is moving and how I can move it better. 
I first thought that I needed only 3 or 4 sessions and then I could maintain the "program."   But we never have the same program. She plans it very creatively using new pieces of equipment and new moves. These keep me focused on the exercises not counting the minutes. I always look forward to my workouts. And even if I have injured myself ( elsewhere) I know she will work around it and I will feel so much better.
 She is a wonderful trainer and I feel very grateful to have her in my life."
 -Melinda Luvisi

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